Thinking Ball

Thinking spots are special. Chairs, rooms, corners, or special trees can offer a thinking spot. In a big house there are many places to sit and ponder. Yet, the kids who haven’t More »

Dreams and Goals

In what way can you make life better for kids? Hi, this is Becca and Cat. We were  just pondering this question. Imagine making life better for a child with their dreams More »

Magic Lives in the Souls of Heroes

What is magic in the lives of young people? It is the dream. Fantasy. Possibilities. It can be something quite simple like having a person listen to them. Magic can be making More »

Pediatric Coach Magic

Using Coaching to Enhance Youth Mindfulness and Communication


What is Pediatric Coach Magic

What Is Pediatric Coach Magic?

Courses that use a coaching approach to support working with Youth. Resources include: videos, audios, manuals, and learning aids.


Who is Pediatric Coach Magic for?

Who is Pediatric Coach Magic for?

This course is for individuals that work and live with and assist young heroes on their journey



When can I join Pediatric Coach Magic?

Online version is available now and in-person workshops occur periodically



Where can I access Pediatric Coach Magic?

Portland, Oregon and anywhere online










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