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Enter the World of Magic Words

third eye and ear

third eye and earWhen I was a little girl and asked my mother for a cookie, she would ask, “What are the magic words?”

“Please and thank you,” my younger self would answer. A cookie was handed to me and I was off to enjoy it!

What are the magic words kids want and need to hear from you? Do you consider how polite you are? Is your intention to draw them into conversation?

In  a world where communication is valued, we can improve our rapport when we develop good communication. People who are with children in ways and places where they want to truly help children make it their business to figure out the words to motivate.

Coaching works to bring out value in the individual and walk with an individual to achieve goals. Children have a long road ahead of them to make their dreams and goals come true. Make it one where they are trained from the get-go to use the magic words.

When it comes to conversing with children and coaching kids, remember to ask more than “why”.  Use the “Famous Friends.”

Famous Friends

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

Helpful Phrases

If you had a choice; I wonder if you; Would you like to tell me your ideas?; Interesting!; You matter; Let’s try it your way and see how it goes.

Enter the world of magic and coach kids with magic words.

Want to learn more? Workshops are held at Apositiva in Portland, Oregon. Online video gets you started.

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Dreams and Goals

Pediatric Coach Magic by. Cat Wilson
Pediatric Coach Magic by. Cat Wilson

Pediatric Coach Magic by. Cat Wilson

In what way can you make life better for kids? Hi, this is Becca and Cat. We were  just pondering this question. Imagine making life better for a child with their dreams and goals.

Depending upon their age, and interests there are different things that make a child’s life better. Younger children like to hear stories about animals and people around them. These are the people that they look up to as heroes. Older children and youth enjoy stories that really happen to people that they know and also look up to.

But I don’t know if these things make their lives better. What makes the lives of children better, I think, is making sure they are heard, and that their needs are met.

Listening to your stories is helpful, but also “you” listening to their stories helps make a child’s life more meaningful. It helps them understand what their life is about and their dreams and goals.

Dreams and Goals
Children are individuals creating themselves. You were a child once. What were some of your dreams as a child? What were some of your goals? Did anyone hear you?

Learn More About Rapport with Children

Pediatric Coach Magic has an online video, book, and experiential workshop.  We experiment with words, ideas, puppets, and fun!  The next Workshop will be held at Apositiva from  9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2015.  Attendees who sign up by January 15, 2015 will receive a FREE Pediatric Coach Magic gift.

Sign up now by calling Becca at 503-560-4774.