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Thinking Ball

Thinking Ball by Cat Wilson
Thinking Ball by Cat Wilson

Thinking Ball by Cat Wilson

Thinking spots are special. Chairs, rooms, corners, or special trees can offer a thinking spot.

In a big house there are many places to sit and ponder. Yet, the kids who haven’t got their own room or house or tree need to find another location for going into their mind. Children have wonderful imaginations and they use them all the time. Thinking is a big part of the world for kids.

Where Do Kids Go to Think?

My cousin and I used to climb trees to think and read books. My children could be found on their beds, under the beds, sitting in the bathtub, and other interesting places.

Be curious and interested. Ask your kids about their own magical and special thinking places. Children have wonderful imaginations, and you share their world by joining them in a thought. It makes them feel valued and appreciated that you care.

Here are some places kids think:

  • Sitting on a ball
  • In the closet with the door closed
  • Under the table covered with blankets
  • While laying on the dog

Sit with the youth in your life, and ask your kids if you can help them find a peaceful place to think.  It may be that what they want to do is draw, write, read a book, or just get away.  Let us know about the “thinking ball” in your children’s magical world.

Upcoming Pediatric Coach Magic Workshop

Cat and Becca are holding an experiential Pediatric Coach Magic in Portland, Oregon. It’s a one day opportunity for you to discover some new avenues of working and communicating with kids through coaching.  The manual is a wonderful book with colorful pictures of Cat and Becca coaching youth.

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Special Dyslexia Report

Think about all the learning challenges that youth encounter … you might even want to know more about how you can help your kids. Cat Wilson offers her special study on Dyslexia to participants who attend Pediatric Coach Magic. Sign up and she will give you a “magic link” to receive your free copy of Dyslexia.