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Thinking Ball

Thinking Ball by Cat Wilson
Thinking Ball by Cat Wilson

Thinking Ball by Cat Wilson

Thinking spots are special. Chairs, rooms, corners, or special trees can offer a thinking spot.

In a big house there are many places to sit and ponder. Yet, the kids who haven’t got their own room or house or tree need to find another location for going into their mind. Children have wonderful imaginations and they use them all the time. Thinking is a big part of the world for kids.

Where Do Kids Go to Think?

My cousin and I used to climb trees to think and read books. My children could be found on their beds, under the beds, sitting in the bathtub, and other interesting places.

Be curious and interested. Ask your kids about their own magical and special thinking places. Children have wonderful imaginations, and you share their world by joining them in a thought. It makes them feel valued and appreciated that you care.

Here are some places kids think:

  • Sitting on a ball
  • In the closet with the door closed
  • Under the table covered with blankets
  • While laying on the dog

Sit with the youth in your life, and ask your kids if you can help them find a peaceful place to think.  It may be that what they want to do is draw, write, read a book, or just get away.  Let us know about the “thinking ball” in your children’s magical world.

Upcoming Pediatric Coach Magic Workshop

Cat and Becca are holding an experiential Pediatric Coach Magic in Portland, Oregon. It’s a one day opportunity for you to discover some new avenues of working and communicating with kids through coaching.  The manual is a wonderful book with colorful pictures of Cat and Becca coaching youth.

  • Workshop
  • Online Video Resources
  • Audios
  • Light gluten-free refreshments.

Tuition:  $145

CEU’s are provided for teachers, counselors, coaches, and more.

Contact Cat at 503-525-0595 to sign up.
Click here for Send-in Registration Page
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Dates:  Contact Cat Wilson of Apositiva at 503-525-0595

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location: Apositiva Center, 037 SW Hamilton Street, #1, Portland, OR 97239


Special Dyslexia Report

Think about all the learning challenges that youth encounter … you might even want to know more about how you can help your kids. Cat Wilson offers her special study on Dyslexia to participants who attend Pediatric Coach Magic. Sign up and she will give you a “magic link” to receive your free copy of Dyslexia.


Dreams and Goals

Pediatric Coach Magic by. Cat Wilson
Pediatric Coach Magic by. Cat Wilson

Pediatric Coach Magic by. Cat Wilson

In what way can you make life better for kids? Hi, this is Becca and Cat. We were  just pondering this question. Imagine making life better for a child with their dreams and goals.

Depending upon their age, and interests there are different things that make a child’s life better. Younger children like to hear stories about animals and people around them. These are the people that they look up to as heroes. Older children and youth enjoy stories that really happen to people that they know and also look up to.

But I don’t know if these things make their lives better. What makes the lives of children better, I think, is making sure they are heard, and that their needs are met.

Listening to your stories is helpful, but also “you” listening to their stories helps make a child’s life more meaningful. It helps them understand what their life is about and their dreams and goals.

Dreams and Goals
Children are individuals creating themselves. You were a child once. What were some of your dreams as a child? What were some of your goals? Did anyone hear you?

Learn More About Rapport with Children

Pediatric Coach Magic has an online video, book, and experiential workshop.  We experiment with words, ideas, puppets, and fun!  The next Workshop will be held at Apositiva from  9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2015.  Attendees who sign up by January 15, 2015 will receive a FREE Pediatric Coach Magic gift.

Sign up now by calling Becca at 503-560-4774.

Magic Lives in the Souls of Heroes

Pediatric Coach TOTE

What is magic in the lives of young people? It is the dream. Fantasy. Possibilities. It can be something quite simple like having a person listen to them. Magic can be making a wound heal. Cat Wilson and Becca Hufford teamed up with a group of interested people to help young people find an ear to listen to them.  Who are Cat and Becca as youth themselves?

Who is Cat?

Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson

Hi, I’m Cat Wilson. As a young girl, here are some of my favorite memories. I loved making cookies with my mother, sewing, holding plays in the garage of my cousin next door, and planting flowers or vegetables in the family garden.

My dream was in being an artist. The pictures I drew were of life around me, such as our dogs, my family, the statues of Mother Mary in my mother’s strawberry patch.

I also enjoyed Girl Scouts and all the crafts and fun activities of working together and helping people. Most of the neighbors and friends of my parents called me to babysit their children. I found that the kids loved telling me about what happened in their day. I had fresh ears. Where their parents listened to them all day, I was someone new who was there to only listen and tend to their needs when I babysat.

Empathy grew in me as a young girl in elementary school when the “mean” kids made fun of me because of my name or heritage. My grandparents are from Europe, and it was a thing to make fun of people who were from other places. I gained an appreciation to being present to everyone. Underdogs were my specialty.

My life has been about helping people ever since that time where I learned how wonderful it was in being there for others.

Who is Becca?

Becca Hufford

Becca Hufford


Hi, I’m Becca. Imagination was an important part of my life as a small girl. I remember pretending to be a grown up, and explore living in a world of magic.

I remember walking down the banks of the creek and jumping from island to island, discovering what laid beneath the water. This made me appreciate nature. Another memory is spending vacations with my family in long trips in the car and creating games to keep all of us happy.

I was a really small child, which meant I was always different from others. Learning to live being slightly different was and is a life long journey, starting from when I was in gradeschool throughout my life. Through this experience I remember people who would listen to me and in turn how I listened to others and help them find their place in the world.

Helping others as I grew up became part of my life from tutoring younger children to entertaining elderly. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood as an older youth allowed me to see how different people are, and yet we all go through the same challenges and have the same dreams. Having friends from all walks of life – even those who were shunned by others allowed me to see a wider perspective.

As I got older I enjoyed stretching my personality by becoming involved in theatre, and presenting myself in front of other people, even though it scared the heck out of me. This experience taught me how to be a small everyday hero. I enjoy sharing that heroism with others.

1 + 1 = 2

It all adds up. Cat and Becca are here to enhance the lives of youth through helping others find that magic lives in the souls of heroes.  Kids are heroes on a  journey, as are parents, teachers, and all who care about youth. Join us on the journey.