Who Can Use Pediatric Coach Magic

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Anyone who works or lives with young people can benefit from this program

Pediatric Coach MagicĀ is for individuals that work and live with children, adolescents, and young adults and wish to assist them on their hero’s journey.

This includes:

Children, adolescents and teens that are facing challenges, have a goal, or what to build on a dream.

Teachers who work with this age group, which is anyone from the age of 5 to 18.

Parents and other relatives that seek understanding and a way to commentate with young people in a way that fosters respect, integrity, and empathy in all participants.

Coaches who are assisting young clients with challenges or goals.

Therapist who want to enhance their communication with younger clients.

People who care about young individuals that are seeking answers, mindfulness, and growth.


Anyone who works or lives with kids, adolescents, or teens can benefit from the program by learning how to ask the “right” questions in a manner that invites younger people to not only share their challenges and concerns, but to find the answers within themselves.

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