What is Pediatric Coach Magic


Pediatric Coach Magic is a program that consists of various courses that are interconnected and use a coaching approach to support working with children and adolescents . Participants have a choice of how to utilize the courses or the entire program. They can attend in person or use the one-line platform and tools.  Resources for participants include: videos, audios, manuals, learning aids, in person workshops, and one on one coaching.

Current and planed courses include:

Building rapport

Listening with third ear and eye

How to show and create integrity & respect

Communicating on all levels and topics

Identifying goals, challenges and states

The many uses of metaphor

Using art in pediatric coaching

Being Present during a pediatric coaching session

Imagining and creating a goal or dream

State management for coaches and youth

Each course can be purchased or attended separately or as a package. On-line courses can be purchased for $125.00 a piece, which includes all of the above resources, except the in person workshops. Participants are given three one-on-one coaching sessions with the purchase of each course. Packages or subscriptions for all of the courses are available for $850.00.

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